News from SMA

We are excited for the release of several new products from SMA.

If you aren’t familiar with SMA Solar Technology, they are a global specialist in photovoltaic system technology and have been creating solar solutions for over 40 years.

We will keep you updated on the availability of these products!

What’s new in residential applications:

Sunny Boy Smart Energy – coming May 2023

This revolutionary new product by SMA can be grid forming and grid funneling. It can detach from the grid to do stand alone and is a game changer for residential applications. This is an exciting upgrade to a well-established product with a fantastic track record.

Keep an eye out for more information on pre-orders.

New for commercial applications.

Tripower X models... Expected August 2023.

From the SMA website – “The Sunny Tripower X is the latest in commercial solar energy generation and the new centerpiece of the proven SMA Energy System Business. As a comprehensive solution, the integrated System Manager enables complete energy management from one platform while combining state-of-the-art technology into one device. This design ensures small- to medium-sized businesses can accommodate all energy management and needs, today and in the future.

The Sunny Tripower X

Sunny High-power PEAK3

From the SMA Website – “PEAK 3 stands for pure power. With its compact design, the inverter offers maximum power density at minimum weight. This results in less expensive transportation and simplified installation. In combination with the project-specific DC Combiner Boxes, the PV array can be oversized up to 150 %. The Data Manager powered by ennexOS completes the system and enables it to fulfill all of the grid operator’s requirement.”

SMA Sunny High-power PEAK3