Off-Grid Accessories and Appliances

What are off-grid/DC-powered refrigerators and freezers?

Solar refrigerators and freezers are highly effcient units with exceptionally low energy consumption. These appliances require a small photovoltaic (PV) system. DC refrigerators are powered directly from a battery bank which can be charged via solar and a genset/gas generator. The brushless DC motor compressor operates on 12 or 24V DC.

What should I know about wind generators and turbines?

Nearly all wind generators have somewhat generous ratings, as the power output is usually specified as the maximum output. In real life, you will almost always get less. This is compounded by the fact that many people tend to overestimate how much wind they get. Most wind generators require winds in the 12 to 25 MPH range. 25 MPH is Beaufort 6—the stage where the wind starts to “whistle” on wires and structures. The cut-in or startup wind speed of our wind turbines is 8 mph and the cut-out or shutoff wind speed is around 30 mph. To protect themselves, the turbines will have a built-in electro-magnetic braking system.

What are diversion loads?

Diversion loads (sometimes called “clippers”) are a great way to consume any excess energy produced by your electrical system. They help to keep you from wasting any energy when your battery bank is fully charged. They also keep your batteries from being damaged due to overcharging. This is critical for wind turbines, since they can often produce more energy than the battery can take and need to divert the power to avoid harming the system.

What are generator starts?

Automatic generator starts will allow your generator to start or stop based on certain factors, such as battery voltage, battery temperature, load wattage and other scenarios.

What are transfer switches?

A transfer switch allows for switching between two separate AC power sources.

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