Samlex Sine Wave Inverters

Samlex Sine Wave Inverters

The Samlex America name is synonymous with power supply value. Since 1991, Samlex has manufactured and distributed power supply products to more than 90 countries worldwide. Innovative product designs, strict quality control, and responsible after-sales service provide customers with high-quality power conversion products at extremely competitive prices. True sine wave voltage inverters provide clean, stable power for computers, radio equipment, home theater, stereo, marine equipment and other applications that are sensitive to AC voltage irregularity. Both the PST and SA series of inverters will power most electrical devices found in your RV, boat or home. If you will be using water pumps, air compressors or power tools, we recommend using the SA series. Not only do they perform better for reactive loads but they are also more efficient.

Samlex PST Series Pure Sine Wave Inverters

The Samlex America PST series inverters work well for most small electrical loads. The AC output is a 100% pure sine wave which ensures compatibility with all of your devices. They are available from 150 watts up to 2,000 watts. The PST-300, PST-600, PST-1000, PST-1500, and PST-2000 are all designed to meet UL safety specifications. Generally, these inverters will be used to power devices directly from the built-in electrical outlet. However, the PST-1500 and PST-2000 can be hard wired to your electrical panel or load center. That gives you much more flexibility and allows you to power any device that's wired to your house, RV or boat electrical system. If you will be powering devices such as water pumps, air compressors or power tools, you should look at the Samlex SA series of inverters

Samlex SA Series Pure Sine Wave Inverters

The Samlex SA series industrial grade inverters are capable of driving highly reactive and capacitive loads. This means that the inverters can more easily handle loads that fluctuate in power requirements. Some examples of reactive loads are water pumps, air compressors, and power tools. The SA-2000K and SA-3000K models can also be hard-wired to an electrical panel or load center. There's also a built-in electrical outlet for powering devices directly off the inverter. The SA series has a selectable frequency output of either 50Hz or 60Hz AC.

Samlex EVO Series Pure Sine Wave Inverters & Chargers

The EVO series is the most advanced line of inverters offered by Samlex America. They produce a 100% pure sine wave AC waveform at 60 Hz and 120 Volts. The EVO inverters are actually three devices in one. In addition to the inverter, they also have a built-in battery charger and automatic transfer switch. The battery charger can be used with grid power, shore power, or a generator. The auto transfer switch can be configured to use the inverter as your main power source or a backup power source. If you're looking for a moderately priced inverter with features found on more expensive brands, the Samlex EVO series is worth looking at. Comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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