The benefits of Victron VRM (Victron Remote Monitoring)

When you purchase a complete Victron system from NAZ, we support you for the life of your system. One way we can help you ensure your system is configured correctly and working at maximum efficiency is by enabling remote monitoring and configuration over the internet.

Below we will discuss the benefits of the Victron VRM.

First, what is the Victron VRM?

The Victron VRM (Victron Remote Monitoring) site is the link between a physical Victron installation and the internet, allowing you, the end user, to monitor and access your Victron system when away from the site.

What are some VRM Benefits?

The VRM allows remote access to the system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

  • The VRM allows you to see your system while away from the installation
  • Can provide access for your installer, technicians, or other system owners
  • One can monitor multiple sites/installations from a single VRM account
  • Data can be analyzed at a high level and configurable alarms allow for advanced notification of potential problems.

Connecting your Victron system to the VRM helps us help you and saves you time.

  • Initial system configuration and firmware updates can be done quickly
  • Remote monitoring over time to view trends and optimize performance
  • Reduces time spent troubleshooting, as NAZ can see precisely what you see on site, provides a real-time view of the system and equipment
  • Remote configuration of the system allows for easier installation and system commissioning

The VRM is a powerful and useful tool for Victron Energy systems with many great features.

To learn more about the Victron VRM, watch the video below

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos. If you have questions about Victron equipment, the VRM, or need help designing a system of your own...give us a call or send an email, and one of our design engineers can assist you.