Top 10 Signs of Battery Degradation

Top 10 Signs of Battery Degradation

Making sure that your solar energy system is working at peak efficiency is always important. A common reasons that our customer’s systems start to become inefficient is battery storage degradation. Spotting battery degradation early can save you days, weeks, and months of low system performance and can also prevent severe damage to your system and property.

Spotting battery degradation can be difficult for even the trained eye, so our solar application engineers are always available to consult – you can email us a picture of your batteries any time and we can assess along with you.

Below are the top 10 signs of solar power battery degradation, so you know what to look for:

  1. Batteries are no longer reaching a full charge from your solar panels during the day.
  2. There is a noticeable decrease in the amount of energy your batteries can store, or they take a much longer time to reach a full charge.
  3. Your battery life has decreased significantly.
  4. The batteries are not holding a charge as well as they used to; i.e., the batteries no longer last through a full night of normal usage after being fully charged the previous day, or the batteries are discharging at a much faster rate than they used to.
  5. Your solar power system is not working as efficiently as it used to.
  6. You are experiencing more power outages than usual.
  7. There are visible signs of damage to the batteries: cracked case, swelling, leaking, etc.
  8. Your batteries are more than five years old and have never been replaced. *
  9. The batteries make strange noises or emit unusual smells.
  10. You have noticed a significant increase in your energy bills (if your system is connected to the Grid).

*Most lithium-ion batteries have a standard warranty of 10 years, so depending on your application, this range may vary. The five-year estimated lifespan applies to most lead chemistry batteries (i.e., flooded lead acid and AGM).

As we mentioned above, our team of solar application engineers is standing by to help you with any of your solar energy system needs. You can email, call, chat on our website, or send us a DM on social media any time and we can help you with anything you might need, including assessing those batteries!

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