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DC Lighting & Accessories

Northern Arizona Wind & Sun has the largest selection of Thin-Lite low voltage DC lighting fixtures anywhere, with over 80 models in stock, plus replacement lenses, fluorescent tubes, and DC ballasts. These are the most common brand of lights used in RV's and travel trailers, and are also very commonly used in many 12-volt systems for lighting.

All fluorescent lights shown on this page are 12 volts DC only - the Thin-Lite LED lights will operate from 12 to 30 volts DC. Attempting to power them from 115 volts AC will certainly blow them up, and make funny noises.

What does lamp color mean? You can see an abbreviation after the lamp number, usually something like XXX/CW. This abbreviation means correlated color temperature. The correlated temperature of a light source is expressed in degrees Kelvin (K) and is a means of describing the appearance or "color" of the light itself. It describes the apparent whiteness of the lamp. Most incandescent lamps have a color temperature between 2700K and 3000K. Fluorescent sources having higher correlated color temperature (4100K to 6300K) are said to be "cool" in color such as Cool White (CW). Sources having a low correlated color temperature (2700K to 3400K) are said to be "warm" in color such as Warm White (WW). Daylight (D) has a 6500K correlated color temperature. Nearly all Thin-Lites are "CW".

Thin-Lite fluorescent lights are all for 12 Volts DC only. The LED versions will run from 12 or 24 volts DC. Black wire is positive (+) and white wire is negative(-).