Amphenol 6 Inch Adapters to Convert MC4 to H4

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MC4 Male to H4 Female 6 inch Adapter: MC4M2H4F1K
MC4 Female to H4 Male 6 inch Adapter: MC4F2H4M1K

6 Inch Adapter Cables to Convert MC4 Connectors to H4 Connectors

NOTE: You will need one set of (2) adapters for each individual solar module that has MC4 connectors. The default quantities are set to one adapter of each kind. If you have two modules, simply change the quantity of each adapter type to two. For three modules, change it to three of each adapter, etc. If you have any questions, please email us or give us a call.

This wire is UL listed as photovoltaic cable (PV) per standard subject 4703 and 44.

This set of adapters will convert your MC4 cables into H4 cables. They are 6 inches in length and made of PV rated cable. One adapter has a female MC4 connector on one end and a male H4 connector on the opposite end. The other adapter has a male MC4 connector on one end and a female H4 connector on the opposite end.


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