Victron MultiPlus Inverter & Charger with Discover DLB-GC12-12V Battery Bundle

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Note: This Bundle is a Battery back-up systems for grid or gen charging. If you would like to add solar to this bundle, Please give us a call or email and we will be happy to help.

Items Quantity Price
Victron Energy MultiPlus 2000 Watt 12 Volt Inverter & 80 Amp Battery Charger X1 $1,190.07
Victron Energy VE.Bus Smart Dongle X1 $93.51
Victron Energy VE.Bus To USB MK3-USB Interface X1 $72.25
Victron Energy RJ45 UTP Cable 1.8m X1 $11.05
MTW Rated Cable #2/0 (00) AWG in Black X8 $7.32
MTW Rated Cable #2/0 (00) AWG in Red X8 $7.32
1.5" Heat Shrink UL Listed for 2/0 AWG in Black X2 $1.24
1.5" Heat Shrink UL Listed for 2/0 AWG in Red X4 $1.24
MRCB 187200F-03-1 200 Amp DC Circuit Breaker with Switch X1 $61.59
Discover DLB-GC12-12V Lithium Blue 12V 200Ah Battery With BMS & Bluetooth X1 $1,709.00
#2/0 x 3/8" stud ring connector tinned copper X6 $2.76

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