MidNite Barcelona 600VDC 200Amp MPPT charge controller

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Midnite Barcelona 600VDC 200Amp MPPT charge controller

This powerful high voltage controller was designed to replace many low voltage MPPT controllers


  • 200 amp 48V output
  • Operating Voltage of 185 to 585 volts
  • Ideal for larger DC coupled battery based on-grid and off-grid installations
  • Talking MNGP2 display (Canbus) No other display required when coupled with MidNite inverters and other MidNite products
  • Rotary knob with push button for ease of navigating menus
  • Add on Barcelona Breaker Box (MNBCLNA-BB) protects against excessive battery voltage excursions
  • Closed loop communications with select battery manufacturers
  • Die cast aluminum enclosure
  • Optional plug-in arc fault detection
  • Optional plug in NEC2020 compliant ground fault
  • Optional plug in Sunspec compliant Rapid Shutdown transmitter (module or string level)
  • BTS included
  • 2 aux input/outputs
  • Remote battery voltage sense
  • Quiet fan cooled. Fans relatively easy to replace
  • Companion to the 7000 watt Rosie inverter
  • Two PV inputs track independently
  • Safety certifications: UL1741, CSA 107.1 and CE low voltage directive EN50178
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