MidNite Solar MNE175XWP-SINGLE 175 Amp E-Panel for Schneider Electric XW+ Inverter

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White Steel with 175a/125 VDC Inverter Breaker for Single XW+ Inverter

Note: Inverter and charge controller are not included with the E-Panel.

The MidNite Solar E-Panel simplifies the installation process for your Xantrex inverter system. It comes with all the properly sized over-current devices like circuit breakers and DC disconnects as required by the national electric code. All MidNite E-Panels are ETL listed to UL and CSA standards and can be used in residential and small commercial installations. The design of the E-Panel allows the inverter to mount directly above the E-Panel enclosure. This saves you wall space, time, and some money (no additional conduits or enclosures are necessary for connecting the inverter to the E-Panel). The panel comes factory pre-wired and all field wiring connection points are clearly labeled (solar, battery, generator, etc.). The XW E-Panel comes standard with a reversible door hinge and can be switched in the field. The XW E-Panels are only available in steel. If you are interested in shortening install time, saving money and being NEC code compliant, then you may want to consider a MidNite Solar E-Panel. If you have any questions about choosing the proper E-Panel, feel free to email us or call for more information.

The XW+ inverter mounts to the top of the E-Panel and the XW MPPT 60 amp charge controller mounts to either side. If you plan to use an Outback or MidNite Solar charge controller, those will require a mounting bracket. A right side bracket is included with the unit. If you need a left side mounting bracket, that is an additional $15.

Specifications and Features:

  • Small size compared to existing disconnect and over-current solutions
  • Pre-wired to save time, money and reduce complexity of installation
  • Easily expandable to accommodate additional inverters
  • Space for 7 din rail circuit breakers
  • Space for 12 panel mount circuit breakers
  • 500 amp 50 millivolt shunt for battery monitoring systems
  • Pre-wired 240 volts AC inverter bypass switch
  • AC-1 input disconnect
  • AC-2 input disconnect
  • Bus bars for battery positive, battery negative, ground, PV+, PV-, AC hot in, AC hot out and Neutral
  • Mounting hardware included for the charge controller
  • Mounting brackets for hanging E-Panel on wall
  • Comes with heavy duty 175 amp AC distribution block
  • Includes bracket for mounting the charge controller
  • Accommodates MidNite Solar or Outback GFP circuit breaker
  • DC inverter breaker included
  • Internal inverter cables included

5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Note: The Schneider Electric DC-GFP's will not fit in the E-Panel. The MidNite Solar single circuit DC-GFP's are designed for a single PV array. Two MidNite DC-GFP's may be used to accommodate two arrays although the dual OutBack would work for dual arrays and dual controllers, cost less and takes up less room.

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