Midnite Solar MNEPV 150 Volts 80 Amps DC Solar Array Breaker

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MidNite Solar 150 Volts, 80 Amps PV Array DC Breakers

Midnite Solar MNEPV 80 Amp, 150 volts DC circuit breaker for array combiners and other DC applications. These are most commonly used in array combiners, but are suitable for any DC circuit up to 150 volts, such as DC distribution and small inverters. They mount on any standard 35mm DIN rail.

All MidNite circuit breakers hold 100% rated current independent of ambient temperature.

For E-Panels, MNDC, Combiners and Baby Box. These are standard DIN rail mount, and fit nearly all array combiners, including Outback Power and Midnite Solar. These breakers are NOT listed for AC circuits. DC only.
10,000 AIC (Ampere Interrupt Capacity)
Max wire size: #2 AWG stranded
Circuit breaker is 1" wide and will take up two slots in array combiners and enclosures.

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