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MidNite Solar Slave E-Panel for SMA Inverter in Multi-panel Systems

MidNite Solar Slave E-Panel for SMA Inverter in Multi-panel Systems


MidNite Solar Slave E-Panel for SMA Sunny Island

NOTE: A back plate (MNESMA-Short BP or MNESMA-Tall-BP) is recommended for the proper wiring alignment of the Sunny Island.

NOTE: The E-Panel does NOT come with the Classic charge controller.

Slave companion E-Panel for a quad, triple or dual inverter off-grid 240VAC Sunny Island inverter system. This E-Panel requires a minimum of one master E-Panel to accompany the slave E-Panel and at least two inverters total. This E-Panel does not include any AC output/bypass system. It does include separate AC input and output breakers for the slave inverter, 250 amp battery breaker with inverter cables, 500 amp/50mV shunt, battery negative busbar, AC input and output busbars, neutral and ground busbars, AC input and output wiring. Comes with red busbars installed. Additional black and blue insulators included for tailoring to suit the application. All breakers are hydraulic-magnetic and rated for continuous duty. Space provided for 6 additional 1/2" wide din rail mount AC or DC breakers and up to 12 3/4" wide panel mount breakers. Mounting hole spaces for additional terminal busbars. Knockouts located for battery cables, lightning protection and AC conduit connections.

5 year warranty

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Additional Information

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MidNite Solar SMA E-Panel Manual