MidNite Solar MNWBjr Whiz Bang Jr Current Sense Module

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MidNite Solar Whiz Bang Jr Current Sense Module

NOTE: The shunt is not included.

The MidNite Solar Whiz Bang Jr turns your Classic, Classic Lite, or The Kid charge controller into a battery monitor. It basically adds a battery "fuel gauge" and amperage monitor to the Classic. The current sense module is designed to connect directly to a standard 50mv/500A shunt. It monitors the amperage that goes through the shunt so that you can see how much energy you have used. If you already have a battery monitoring system such as the Magnum BMK, the Whiz Bang Jr can still be used. You will just need a couple of #8 size ring connectors (#8 size connector, not #8 AWG) that are available at your local hardware store. In order for the Classic controller to work with the Whiz Bang Jr, you may need to update the Classic firmware. The instructions for the firmware update are in the Whiz Bang Jr manual.

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