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MidNite Solar MND3RACCPLME 4,000 Watt AC Coupled System Outdoor Rated

MidNite Solar MND3RACCPLME 4,000 Watt AC Coupled System Outdoor Rated


MidNite Solar MND3RACCPLM AC Coupled System

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Note: AC coupled systems require a grid-tie solar system in order to work. This system is only the AC coupled components. These types of systems are generally used to add battery backup power to preexisting grid-tie systems. If you are installing a new solar system on your house, a grid-tie system with battery backup may be preferable. The MidNite Solar MND3RACCPLM is a factory designed and pre-wired AC coupled solar system. It comes with a Magnum MS4024PAE inverter, Magnum ME-RTR router and inverter control panel with LCD display, 15 amp 120 vac general use electrical outlet, a grid disconnect relay and all necessary circuit breakers and disconnects. The equipment comes housed in the MidNite MNBE-D3R outdoor rated battery enclosure. This system was designed for use with the Concorde SunXtender PVX3050T 6 volt, 305 amp-hour batteries but they are not included. The batteries must be purchased separately. This system can handle a maximum of 4,000 watts input from a grid tie system.

Dimensions: 33.62"L x 15.25"W x 41.14"H
Weight: Approximately 200 lbs. without batteries

Additional Information

Additional Information

Bundle Pre-Configured Price No

AC Coupled Systems Explained (This is a large file, approximately 14 Megabytes)

AC Coupled System Flowchart

User Manual (Includes a wiring diagram of the unit.)

Dimensional Drawing