MidNite Solar MNPV2-MC4 Solar Array Combiner

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MidNite Solar MNPV2-MC4 Combiner Box

The MNPV2-MC4 is a pre-wired PV combiner box with MC4 connectors installed for easy and fast installation. It's the same enclosure as the MNPV3 but it also includes the two touch safe fuse holders, two male and two female MC4 connectors and internal wiring as seen in the picture. It's rated NEMA 3R for outdoor locations which means it's 100% weatherproof when installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. The touch safe fuse holders allow the unit to be used with voltages as high as 600 VDC. This model is rated for a maximum of 60 amps. Two 15 amp fuses are included. If you want extra fuses, you can find them here. These units are perfect for small grid-tie systems with a maximum of two PV strings.

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