MidNite Solar MNBCM Battery Capacity Meter

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MidNite Solar MNBCM Battery Capacity Meter (No Switch)

NOTE: The battery capacity meter is designed to work with Gel batteries, AGM batteries and flooded lead acid batteries. There is a jumper inside the unit that must be set for the type of battery it will be used with. Please see the instruction manual for more details.

NOTE: MidNite Solar also makes a version of this meter (MNBCMS) that has an on/off switch for the LED lights. It retains its memory but the lights won't draw any power from your battery. If you prefer a meter with a switch, please call or email us for ordering information.

The "S" version (MNBCMS) of the meter has an additional short wire attached. This wire is the "Switched lead." This feature allows the LEDs to be turned off while retaining the Battery Care memories. This wire should be connected through a fused switch to Battery positive. This is usually the ignition switch of a vehicle, but can also be any type of push button, or toggle switch.

MidNite Solar has a new battery capacity meter! It's probably the easiest to install and easier to read than any other battery meter. You simply connect the negative (-) and positive (+) wires from the meter to the battery terminals. The meter will go through a start-up test sequence when power is first applied. Once the test is complete, the meter is ready to use. Don't forget to use a 2 Amp fuse or circuit breaker on the positive wire. It's that simple!


  • Led’s that correspond to battery voltage
  • Accuracy +- .05%
  • Auto sensing for 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt batteries
  • LED indicators show if batteries have received a full charge recently, longer than one week or longer than two weeks

This meter is rated for indoor use only.

5 year warranty.

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