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Morningstar RD-1 Voltage Controlled Relay Driver

Morningstar RD-1 Voltage Controlled Relay Driver


Voltage Controlled Relay Driver

Morningstar's Relay Driver is a logic module which provides high level system control functions such as high/low voltage alarms, load control and generator start. The product controls four independent relay driver outputs by reading digital data inputs from Morningstar's TriStar controller or by reading battery voltage when used in systems with other controllers.

Connected to a TriStar Controller: Battery voltage, charge/load current, battery temperature, TriStar heatsink temperature, PWM duty cycle, PV/load voltage, and all TriStar alarms or faults. Used in Systems with

Other Controllers: Battery voltage, Relay Driver temperature, input voltages from other sources. This is basically a voltage controlled switch (vcs) that can be used for several functions.

5 year warranty

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Additional Information

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