Morningstar GenStar MPPT (GS-MPPT-80M-200V) 80 Amp Controller With Load Control

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Morningstar GenStar MPPT GS-MPPT-80M-200V

The revolutionary GenStar MPPT represents Morningstar’s best engineering efforts brought together in a single design, with full, advanced communications and control features built-in–plus the ability to add more technology to any system through our innovative ReadyRail expansion technology. The GenStar MPPT is available in 60, 80, and 100A charge rating ratings with a maximum Voc limit of 200V, and support for 12, 24, 36, and 48V batteries

In short, Morningstar designed the GenStar MPPT to be the industry’s first truly “future-proofed” charging system, one that can grow with a solar powering system as needs change. The new GenStars feature best-in-class efficiency and extremely low self-consumption, thanks to fanless design along with our acclaimed TrakStar™ MPPT technology. Full communications capability as a standard feature and international certifications for global use complete Morningstar’s next generation of charge controllers—and set a new bar for the rest of the industry.

Key Features and Benefits

  • ReadyBlock expansion system through exclusive ReadyRaildesign achieves true controller technology integration. All information is instantly available since it’s actually part of the hardware and software of the charge controller itself, instead of outside the system as with a typical stand-alone accessory device.
  • Full network integration without requiring adapters or extra equipment– Modbus and ModbusIP via 485, Ethernet, WiFi, MS-CAN connects MS Devices (proprietary), GS network information bridging.
  • WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity for a (future) mobile device and app for easy connection, dashboard views, downloading data, and firmware updates. It also includes our LiveView 2.0 web app interface on-board
  • Powerful Load Control – built-in 30A load capability, unique for controllers in this power class
  • Oversized PV Array Input capability – array input power rating @ 150% meets today’s system design needs for PV oversizing
  • Extensive electronic protections include cold-weather lithium “fold back” circuitry to guard against cold-weather charging damage. Also, short-circuit, over-current and reverse polarity to ensure the controller will not be damaged by wiring mistakes or overloads
  • Fanless design for improved efficiency and exceptional long-term reliability


  • Charge Rating: 80 amps
  • Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 200 volts
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 12, 24, 36, or 48V
  • Peak efficiency: 99%
  • Enclosure Rating: IP20
  • Product Weight : 15 lbs 10oz
  • Product Dimensions: 14.19 x 8.74 x 6.70 in
  • Warranty: 5 Years

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