Morningstar RB-SHUNT KIT Snap-in ReadyShunt Block KIT

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Morningstar RB-SHUNT KIT

ReadyShunt optimizes the most popular battery chemistries, providing comprehensive battery metering for monitoring critical information with lead-acid and other commonly used battery types. No additional configuration or connections are required. ReadyShunt automatically activates, is recognized, and ready to go immediately after being snapped into a ReadyRail-equipped Morningstar product.

Part of the ReadyBlock suite of add-on–yet built-in–functionality available in Morningstar “host” components featuring the ReadyRail expansion system.

  • “Add-on” in the sense that ReadyBlocks can be integrated into a system at any time, either on inception or later as needs arise
  • “Built-in” because once added, ReadyBlocks become part of the host component, seamless integrated into both its hardware and software


  • Provides an integrated “battery meter” for lead-acid and other chemistries to determine SOC and other health metrics
  • Net battery current measurement enables system-wide maximum charge current into the battery when multiple charge sources are present.
  • Current measurement data is automatically integrated into the GS LiveView dashboard, data logging. Thus there’s no more clunky 3rd party meter add-ons requiring different interfaces, meters, etc. No software configuration to integrate the data – we do that for you
  • Shunt data is made available to the user for use in logic configuration for decision-making.
  • Highly configurable to accommodate a wide range of shunt sizes with both 50mV and 100mV scaling options
  • Available in a kit with 50mV/500A shunt or just the block
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