Morningstar UMC-1 USB MeterBus Adapter

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Morningstar USB MeterBus Adapter

Note: The device driver is not included in the box. You may need to download the latest version of the driver at the following URL: Morningstar Support Website. However, the driver is not necessary if you are using a PC running Windows 7 or later. When you plug in the device, the computer should automatically install the necessary driver.

The Morningstar UMC-1 MeterBus adapter allows a PC to communicate with a Morningstar charge controller or inverter. The charge controllers and inverter use a standard RJ-11 type jack, which is the same connector used on telephone wire. One end of the UMC-1 plugs into the RJ-11 connector of the controller or inverter and makes it possible for a PC USB cable to plug into the other side of the adapter. It is compatible with USB 2.0 PC computers.

The telephone cable and the USB cable are included.

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