Multibranch MC4 Connectors, Latching PV-AZB4 (F-F-M)

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PV-AZB4 (F-F-M) SolarLine 2 Multibranch MC4 Connectors, Latching

NOTE: The male and female designations refer to the metal contact, and not the plastic housing.

Multi-Contact MC4 PV-AZB4 (F-F-M) multibranch connector. These are used to parallel and/or to series-parallel multiple MC4 connections, such as cables from solar panels. For most panels you will need a pair of multibranch connectors- one of each type to parallel each pair of PV panels. Item PV-AZB4 has two female connectors and one male connector. It is designed to accept two male connectors and one female connector.

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