NAZ Solar pumping kit - 2.5kW REC Solar Modules, ENFusion AC-DC Blender 2500 and Modules Racking.

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NAZ Solar pumping kit

ENFusion Blender 24/7 Power Blending – With the ENFusion Blender 2500 we can blend energy input from solar PV and AC single phase electrical power to drive single or three phase motors. ENFusion Blender 2500 is capable of powering single-phase motors up to 1.5 HP or three phase motors up to 2 HP. The Blender will always operate with DC taking priority, so it can be used off setting electrical load but also offer solar direct pumping redundancy in the event of electrical failure.

Operation modes:

  • Blended Mode: The system uses as much power as is available from the solar array and supplements with AC power when cloudy or at night.
  • Solar-Only Mode: Manually overrides the use of AC Power, system will not draw power from the AC Source.
  • Timed-Grid Mode: Configured to operate during certain times at night. This mode provides complete flexibility in the scheduling of the use of AC power.

The motor and pump are not included in this kit, the kit is designed to adapt/retrofit to conventional electric motor. For best performance, we recommend a good quality three phase pump/motor assembly. (like Franklin, Goulds, Grundfos, etc). This kit is designed to maximize the performance of the ENFusion Blender 2500 Pump Controller. If customization is needed, please contact our engineering team for design assistance, we can put a solar pumping system together for nearly all applications.


  • Typical Pumping Applications
  • Swimming Pool Pumps
  • Residential Well Pumps
  • Irrigation
  • Waste Water Treatment Systems
  • Recirculation Systems
  • Lake And Pond Aeration & Fountains
  • Desalination / Ro Filtration

What's included in this solution.

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