NAZ Solar pumping kit - 800W Solarland Solar Modules, Grundfos 3-SQF-3 and Modules Racking.

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NAZ Solar pumping kit

Grundfos SQFlex Solar Water Pumping System, this system is designed to maximize the performance of the Grundfos 3-SQF-3 Submersible Solar Pump. With nearly 800W of solar power, this pump can achieve as much as 1000 Gallons of water production per day directly from the sun. This kit is designed to power the pump solar direct, but the Grundfos SQF pumps can also accept AC single phase power (120V or 240V). This 3 SQF-3 pump can handle a maximum head of 655’ and has a discharge of 1” NPT. The solar array is designed to be installed on a Tamarack two module top of pole mount. Add the CU-200 to the system from float switch control (GF-100) and add the IO-101 if a transfer generator/solar switch is needed. This kit is designed to pump into a reservoir (tank, cistern, etc.). If customization is needed, for example where a pressure system is required, please contact our engineering team for design assistance, we can put a solar pumping system together for nearly all applications.

Pump Details:

  • Maximum Head: 655 ft.
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 2.75 GPM
  • Discharge: 1" NPT
  • Dimensions: 49" length and 2.9" wide

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