Outback EnergyCell 1100RE High Capacity AGM Battery Bank 960 Amp-hour 48VDC


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Outback EnergyCell 1100RE High Capacity AGM Battery Bank 48VDC 960 Amp-hour

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48 Volts DC, 960 Ah at 20 Hr rate. The EnergyCell RE high capacity battery family offers an ideal solution for large capacity Valved Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery requirements. The high capacity battery’s steel can (module) design concept, with its integral racking system, provides a cost effective battery system with a compact, quick and simple installation process. Its AGM technology incorporates an enhanced cell design with a superior racking system. The enhanced cell incorporates thicker positive plates for longer life. The welded/epoxy dual post seal design provides the highest integrity seal in the industry. The large copper post design also enhances the high rate performance.

The EnergyCell RE high capacity battery provides excellent performance and service life in grid-tied, grid-interactive and off-grid renewable energy and UPS solutions.


  • Nominal Voltage Per Cell: 2 VDC
  • Total Voltage: 48 VDC
  • Optimal Temperature Range: 73.4°F - 78.8°F
  • Float Voltage Per Cell: 2.25 VDC (77°F)
  • Equalization Voltage Per Cell: 2.32 VDC (69.8°F - 89.6°F)
  • Maximum Charging Current: 212.5 Amps
  • Internal Resistance: 309 microOhms (0.000309 Ohms)
  • Terminal Hardware: M8 bolt, lock washer and flat washer
  • Total Weight: 3,797 lbs.
  • Dimensions H x W x D inches: 60.70 x 37.15 x 23.50
  • Amp-hour Capacity @20 Hr rate: 960 Ah

Warranty: 3 years

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