Outback Power SystemEdge 830NC Complete Inverter and Battery Storage System


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OutBack Power SystemEdge-830NC Prewired Radian System With Battery Storage

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Experience Single-Brand Simplicity with a SystemEdge package from OutBack Power.

All packages include a factory pre-wired and tested FLEXpower Radian, EnergyCell batteries, Integrated Battery Rack, FLEXware ICS PV combiner box, OPTICS RE web enabled monitoring and control and all necessary connection hardware.

SystemEdge-830NC Applications:

Featuring the the 8kW FLEXpower Radian (FPR- 8048A) and twelve (12) EnergyCell Nano Carbon batteries, the SystemEdge 830-NC is ideal for smaller power applications—including homes, cabins, remote communication sites and backup power systems where frequent partial or incomplete charge and discharge of batteries occurs.

System Components:

  • FLEXpower Radian (8kW, PN: FPR-8048A)
  • EnergyCell RE Front Terminal Batteries (QTY 12, PN: 200NC)
  • Integrated Battery Rack (2-Shelf, PN: IBR-3-48-175)
  • FLEXware ICS PV Combiner Box (PN: FWPV4-FH600)
  • OPTICS RE System Monitoring and Control
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