OutBack Power SystemEdge SE-815ESS-90HM Mojave ESS

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Outback Power SE-815ESS-90HM

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The Mojave platform combines the latest power electronics and control technology with the old-school muscle and practical features that define OutBack Power.

The Mojave ESS continues the impressive legacy of robust off-grid and grid-hybrid performance for which OutBack Power’s FX, FXR and Radian platforms are well known. But it doesn’t stop there. The Mojave ESS includes the battery and integrated controls and communications for faster, clutter-free installation.

The OGHESS8015A comes ready to AC-couple with most grid-tied inverters. It’s the easy way to add the economic and resilience benefits of energy storage to existing residential PV systems. On-grid or off, be ready for anything.

Hoymiles 4-in-1 microinverter is one of the most cost-effective module-level solar solutions, as it can support up to 4 panels at once and maximize the PV production of your installation. With a maximum DC voltage of 60 volts, Hoymiles microinverter is a PV Rapid Shutdown Equipment and conforms with NEC-2017 and NEC-2020 Article 690.12 and CEC-2021 Sec 64-21

System Includes:

  • (1) OGHESS8015A – Mojave ESS
  • (6) OBHM-1500-4T – Hoymiles 1500W 4-input
  • (6) OBHM-TCAB2m – Trunk Cable 2 meter
  • (1) OBHM-DTU-WIFI – Data Transfer Unit Pro (WiFi)
  • (2) OBHM-TCUT – Trunk Connector Unlock Tool
  • (1) OBHM-TEC – Trunk End Cap
  • (1) OBHM-TPDT – Trunk Port Disconnect Tool

Supports up to 8kW of solar power from a maximum of 24 panels.

UL 1741-SA listed

Standard 10-year warranty

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