Sun Pumps PCA-30-M1D Solar Pump Controller, 5 Amps, 15-30 Volts DC

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PCA-30-M1D Pump Controller 15-30 VDC, 5 Amp

Use this with any of the SunPumps SDS pumps or the Shurflo 9300 pump (or any similar pump). Boosts current for low light starting and running. Provides easy wiring and safety controls. Status lights, weather proof (sunlight resistant) Delrin enclosure and simple attachments. For use with either 12 or 24 volt panel systems, or 12 or 24 volt battery systems. Inputs provided for float switch. Will also work for any other 12 to 24 volt DC pump (or motor) running from solar panels, battery, or wind generator up to 5 amps maximum. The primary function of the PC series controller is to boost the current of solar modules in low sunlight conditions while holding the voltage of the solar modules at the maximum power point. This allows a pump to start earlier in the morning and stay running in the evening. SunPumps PC series controllers have many unique features designed specifically for water pumping. All PC series controllers include a pump speed control circuit, a remote switch circuit, a sensor-less low water cut-off circuit, an electronic circuit breaker and indicator lights.

CAUTION: Do not use more than a 200 watt of solar array or it may overheat the controller as it regulates the output voltage.


  • Max Load Power: 150 watts
  • Max Load Current: 5 amps
  • Max Open Circuit Voltage: 45 volts
  • Max Regulated Output Voltage: 30

1 year warranty

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