Primus 2-ARAC-D-5 Digital Wind Control Panel Rated for 5 Amps

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Primus Digital Wind Control Panel for 5 Amp Applications

Primus Wind Power 2-ARAC-D-5 Digital Wind Control Panel rated for 5 Amps. This model will work with the 48 Volt AIR 40 and AIR BREEZE wind turbines.

NOTE: The WCP-D includes a full indoor only, black plastic enclosure. Dimensions are: 6.5"L x 4.25"W x 2.5"D.

Primus Wind Power is pleased to offer a digital wind control panel for use with all AIR Wind Turbines (see chart below). The panel is easy to install and will result in a professional operator station enhancing the beauty and value of the Hybrid system installation. The WCP - D helps to reduce installation costs and makes wiring a snap with just 4 wires to connect. The panel is available in 5 models specific to the AIR Wind Turbine – voltage and type.

The WCP-D controls and monitors the wind turbine. It is equipped with a power On/Off circuit breaker, digital meter and a Stop/Run switch (for direct control of the turbine). The digital meter (equipped with a 50 amp shunt) provides critical operational information; real time battery voltage, current in amps, power in Watts and accumulated energy in W/hours (re-settable). A clearly marked rear terminal block is provided for easy interconnect of the two turbine wires and two battery power wires. Panel is fully calibrated and ready for installation.

Not sure which Amperage rating you need? Take a look at the following chart:

Part Number Breaker Rating Turbine Type
2-ARAC-D-5 5 Amps AIR 40 / AIR BREEZE: 48V
2-ARAC-D-10 10 Amps AIR 40 / AIR BREEZE: 24 V
2-ARAC-D-20 20 Amps AIR 30 / AIR X MARINE / SILENT X: 48 V
2-ARAC-D-25 25 Amps AIR 30 / AIR X MARINE / SILENT X: 24 V
2-ARAC-D-40 40 Amps AIR 30 / AIR X MARINE / SILENT X: 12 V
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