Ryse Energy Wind Control Panel for 48V Air Breeze and Air 40 Turbines

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Note: Primus has Discontinued these units, They are new.

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Primus Wind Control Panel for 48 Volt Air Breeze and Air 40 Turbines

The Primus Windpower wind control panel makes the installation of your new wind turbine a breeze. It has a built-in current meter (ammeter), a stop switch, and a circuit breaker that also acts as a power switch. The panel has four total connection terminals: a negative (-) and positive (+) for the turbine connection and a negative and positive for the battery connection. The Air Breeze and Air 40 have charge regulators built-in to the unit. If you are planning to use the control panel for a turbine without built-in regulation, you will also need to connect a diversion load controller to the circuit. The device comes fully calibrated from the factory; no field adjustments are necessary.


  • Part number: 2-ARAC-107
  • 48 Volts DC
  • 8 Amp meter
  • 5 Amp circuit breaker
  • For use on Air Breeze and Air 40 Turbines
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