Ryse Energy Wind Power 1-ARBM-15-24 Air Breeze 24 Volt DC Turbine


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Ryse Energy AIR Breeze 24VDC Wind Turbine

The Ryse Energy(formally known as Primus Wind Power) AIR Breeze model 1-ARBM-15-24 wind generator is for land or marine use and designed to work in medium to high wind environments. The body is constructed of permanent mold cast aluminum with corrosion resistant paint and the three blades are made of carbon-molded composite. The generator can be used for multiple types of off grid power applications including telecommunications, security systems, cathodic protection, cabins, trailers, boats and marinas. It can also be used in conjunction with a solar system to supplement battery charging. The AIR Breeze will produce 40 kWh per month with an average wind speed of 13 miles per hour and requires a start up wind speed of 7 mph. It comes with a built-in microprocessor controlled charge controller and the option of using an external load diversion controller. The wind generator cannot be connected directly to a power inverter. It must be used to charge a 24 volt battery bank. Your inverter will get its power from the batteries.

Comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Energy Approx. 40 kWh/mo at 5.8 m/s (13 mph)
Swept Area 1.07 m2 (11.5 ft2)
Rotor Diameter 1.17 m (46 in)
Weight 5.9 kg (13 lb)
Startup Wind Speed 3.1 m/s (7 mph)
Voltage 24 Volts DC
Turbine Controller Mircoprocessor-based smart controller
Body Permanent mold cast aluminum
Blades (3) Injection-molded composite
Alternator Permanent magnet brushless
Overspeed Protection Electronic torque control
Survival Wind Speed 49.2 m/s (110 mph)
Mount 1.5 in schedule 40 pipe 48 mm (1.9 in) outer diameter
Wind Speed Operating Range 3.1-22 m/s (7-49 mph)
Optimum Wind Speed Range 4.5-22 m/s (10-49 mph)
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