Pytes R-bracket Racks for the Pytes E-BOX-48100R battery, 8 Rack Included

Pytes R-bracket Racks
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Pytes R-bracket Racks

The Pytes R-bracket rack is a specially designed accessory that allows you to stack up to eight Pytes E-BOX-48100R lithium batteries vertically in a compact and stable configuration. The R-bracket rack is compatible with the Pytes communication hub, which enables you to expand your system up to 286.72 kWh with seamless communication and control.

The Pytes R-bracket rack is the perfect solution for homeowners and businesses who want to enjoy the benefits of a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective energy storage system. With the R-bracket rack, you can install your Pytes batteries in any indoor location with minimal footprint and hassle. Whether you need backup power, peak shaving, or self-consumption, the Pytes R-bracket rack will help you achieve your energy goals.

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