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Crown 2CRP810 Renewable Power Battery - 2 Volts, 550 Amp-hours

Crown 2CRP810 Renewable Power Battery - 2 Volts, 550 Amp-hours
SKU: 2CRP810


Crown 2CRP810 Battery - 2 Volts, 550 Amp-hours

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The Crown Renewable Power line of batteries are the best available in their class. The lead plates are much heavier when compared to other deep cycle batteries. They are made with more active lead materials which relates directly to better performance and longevity. The plates are fabricated using Posi-Wrap separators which reduce maintenance, prevent failure due to plate short-circuit and mossing, and keeps active material bonded to the plate structure. The plate material is manufactured from lead oxide that's obtained from Crown's own mill. It's applied evenly and temperature cured in computer controlled curing ovens to ensure optimum product performance and life. Crown's Power Module Series also uses a plate construction technology called Z3. This creates plates that have a lower internal resistance and maximum active material retention for superior electrical performance and longevity. Constructed in a heat-sealed case and cover design with anchor-molded threaded stud and insert terminals. The only batteries that perform better than the 2 Volt Power Module Series are the Crown Industrial batteries.


  • 2 Volts
  • 550 Amp-hours at the 20 hour rate
  • Dimensions: 6.81"L x 6.56"W x 20.75"H
  • Weight: 85 pounds

Warranty: 4 Year Free Replacement - 6 Year Prorated - 10 Years Total

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Additional Information

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