C&I Battery Solutions (ESS)

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Commercial and Industrial Lithium Battery Systems

Commercial and Industrial lithium battery systems are designed to handle high power and energy demand. These Energy Storage Systems (ESS) typically exceed 20 kWh in storage, and they are often more complex and require more safety features due to their large size and high energy density. Commercial and industrial lithium battery systems are typically used for applications such as peak shaving, load shifting, frequency regulation, and backup power. The battery solutions are often paired with reputable C&I Multi-Mode Inverters to create a Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Solution.

Lithium battery systems are a great choice for commercial and industrial applications because they offer a number of benefits. They are energy-efficient, offer a long lifespan, and require very little maintenance. We offer a range of products, with fully integrated battery packs that can be custom-engineered large energy storage solutions, tailored to meet your business’s specific energy storage needs.

The most important consideration with energy storage systems is safety. UL9540 and UL9540A are two safety standards that are important to consider when using lithium battery systems in commercial and industrial applications.

UL9540 is a comprehensive safety standard developed by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for energy storage systems (ESSs) with strict safety, performance, and reliability requirements. It covers how these systems are designed, built, tested, and used. UL9540 has strict requirements for electrical safety, thermal safety, mechanical safety, fire safety, system performance, system reliability, and system documentation.

UL9540A is a test method for evaluating thermal runaway propagation for battery energy storage systems. It provides additional requirements for battery management systems (BMS) used in ESS. It covers the BMS functions and performance, including battery safety, performance, and communication protocols.

It is important to ensure that lithium battery systems used in commercial and industrial applications meet these standards to ensure their safe and reliable operation. All of our lithium-ion battery systems for the industrial and commercial markets meet these standards. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient lithium-ion battery system for your business, our systems and products have a proven track record of delivering the reliable performance and desired quality needed in the commercial and industrial sector.

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