MidNite Solar E-Panels

Features: The Midnite Solar E-Panels stack vertically right out of the box. This vertical configuration also takes up the least amount of floor space. Some people will want to stack two inverters horizontally in order to keep things all at eye level. You would need a left hand hinged door for the left hand unit in this case. Each Left hand hinged door also comes with a right hand charge control bracket. You then will have a right and left charge control bracket and will be able to mount two charge controllers in between E-Panels as shown below. The E-Panels are available in both the gray powder coated steel as well as white powder coated aluminum. Aluminum E-Panels will be popular in salt laden environments like Hawaii. One of the only options to the E-Panel is a left hand hinged door. This door will be used when stacking two inverters horizontally. Hinges open like an old Lincoln Continental with suicide doors. Two other options are available from MidNite. A 63 amp 125VDC breaker is available to use as charge controller disconnects input and output. (MNEPV63). A DC-GFP assembly is also available for roof top mounted solar in order to comply with NEC. Present day NEC requires this device only when Photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof of your dwelling. Future code will require this device on all installations. The MidNite DC-GFP will help take the sting out of this requirement due to lower cost.

  • Small size compared to existing products
  • Pre-wired to save time, money and mistakes
  • White powder coated aluminum or gray powder coated steel
  • Easily expands to accommodate up to four inverters with no interconnecting conduit
  • Six slots per unit for 13mm wide Din Rail mount breakers; PV, Wind, Hydro and AC distribution or three 19mm wide breakers
  • 500 amp 50mv shunt for battery status monitoring systems
  • Pre-wired 50 amp 240VAC inverter AC bypass switch (120VAC 60Hz or 240VAC 50Hz circuits)
  • Pre-wired 50 amp 240VAC AC input disconnect (120VAC 60Hz or 240VAC 50Hz circuits)
  • Mounting hardware for inverter and charge controller
  • Snap in plastic conduit for AC, Mate and RTS wires
  • Wall mounting brackets to aid in one person installations
  • Heavy duty 175 amp AC distribution block
  • ETL listed to UL and CSA standards
  • Right hand hinged door to mount inverter
  • Knock outs for AC and DC conduits
  • Charge control bracket (CCB)
  • Cut outs for two North American style GFCI outlets
  • DC inverter battery breaker
  • Internal inverter DC cables
  • Battery minus bus bar for additional circuits
  • Battery plus bus bar for additional circuits
  • Ground bus bar

Find which E-Panel is best for you based on your inverter.

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