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Efficient Grid-Tie Inverters from NAZ Solar Electric

Explore the world of grid-tie (utility tie) PV systems with NAZ Solar Electric. Our selection features solar panels and specialized grid-tie inverters, designed to operate without batteries. These innovative systems take DC voltage from solar panels, utilizing a special inverter to convert it directly into AC power, seamlessly matching the grid's requirements. As a result, any electricity generated by your solar panels directly offsets your consumption from the power company, potentially allowing for surplus power to be fed back into the grid.

This section showcases all solar inverters for grid-tie systems, including top brands we normally stock such as Fronius, Sunny Boy, and Enphase microinverters. Additionally, we offer Xantrex, PV Powered, and other major brands, ensuring a comprehensive selection for every need. The Enphase micro-inverters, known for their "plug and play" single panel solution, can be installed individually or as part of large arrays. Please note, battery-based "grid interactive" inverters manufactured by Outback Power are not included in this section but can be found in the battery-based inverter category.

Why Choose Our Grid-Tie Inverters?

  • Seamless Integration: Our inverters effortlessly connect your solar system to the grid, ensuring you get the most out of your solar investment.
  • High Efficiency: With advanced technology, our inverters maximize energy conversion, reducing waste and increasing the overall efficiency of your solar system.
  • Smart Monitoring: Equipped with smart monitoring capabilities, our inverters allow you to track your system’s performance in real-time, ensuring optimal operation.
  • Reliability and Safety: Our grid-tie inverters are designed with multiple layers of protection, including anti-islanding for grid safety, ensuring a safe and reliable connection at all times.

From Our Learning Center:

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Embark on your solar journey with confidence through The NAZ Approach, our comprehensive process that guides you from initial consideration to installation and beyond. We stand by you at every step ensuring personalized solutions and technical support throughout the lifespan of your solar system.

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