Panel Mounts & Trackers

Solar panel mounting and tracking systems come in a variety of different options and work to make your solar panel array as effective and efficient as possible. Ideally, in order to ensure your panels are receiving as much sunlight as possible, sunlight must be perpendicular to your panels. There are different methods for solar panel tracking and mounting to achieve this goal. Tracking mounts utilize technology that changes the angle of your panels to coincide with the direction of the sun. Tracking mounts come in two variations, single axis mounts, and dual axis mounts. Dual axis mounts track both North and South and East and West to account for the ever-changing position of the sun during different seasons. Single axis mounts simply track the sun from east to west. There are other kinds of mounting systems apart from tracking mounts. Fixed mount systems are typically less expensive and require less maintenance when compared to tracking mount systems. At NAZ Solar Electric you will be able to find the appropriate tracking and mounting system for your solar array. We stock a variety of different options from top of pole and side of pole mounts, sun-tracking mounts, ground mounts, and rail mounts. There are thousands of different variations of mounting systems and we do not have them all listed here. If you are looking for something in particular that you cannot find feel free to contact us via email or speak to us on the phone.

We carry solar panel mounts for every variation of solar energy system you could create. This includes solar panel roof mounts, pole mounts, sun-tracking mounts, and ground mounts. We only list a small portion of all the PV panel mounts available here. Call or email us for any specific type of mount not listed here. 

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