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Surrette S-500EX Flooded Deep Cycle Battery 6 Volts 357 Amp-hours

Surrette S-500EX Flooded Deep Cycle Battery 6 Volts 357 Amp-hours
SKU: S-500EX


Rolls Surrette S-500EX 6 Volts 357 Amp-hours Deep Cycle Battery

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Rolls Battery has been manufacturing deep cycle batteries in Nova Scotia, Canada since 1959. Before moving into their current location, they began manufacturing batteries in 1935. That’s over 80 years of experience in the deep cycle battery market. Their batteries are used in a wide range of industries including railroad, marine, industrial & commercial, motive, and renewable energy. The Rolls Surrette line of batteries is becoming well known in the solar field. With uncompromised quality and craftsmanship, long life, durability, and overall great performance, our customers could not be happier with their investment.

The Rolls batteries can be used for both off-grid and grid-tie systems with battery backup. When using the batteries for off-grid installations, be sure your system is properly designed to bring the battery bank to a full charge within the limited number of sunlight hours for your region. If the batteries are not fully charged on a regular basis, you run the risk of discharging the battery bank beyond the 50% limit. This is what leads to warped plates and reduced amp-hour capacity.

Voltage 6 Volts DC
Model Number S-500EX
Surrette Series 4500
Amp-hours @ 20 hour rate 357 Amp-hours
Chemistry Flooded Lead Acid
Weight 131.5 lb (60 kg)
Length 12.5 in (318 mm)
Width 7.125 in (181 mm)
Height 16.75 in (425 mm)
40% DoD Approximately 3100 Cycles
50% DoD Approximately 2750 Cycles

Warranty: 7 years (3 years free replacement, 4 years prorated)

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Additional Information

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Surrette S-500EX Specification Sheet

Rolls Surrette User Manual

Rolls Surrette Lead Acid Battery Safety Data Sheet

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