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RV & Marine Kit With 1,060 Watts of Polycrystalline Solar Panels

RV & Marine Kit With 1,060 Watts of Polycrystalline Solar Panels

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This kit comes with the necessary parts to assemble a 1,060 Watt RV or marine solar charging system (four 265W panels). You can choose between some different charge controllers and accessories by using the menus below. Please email us or give us a call if you have any questions.

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RV Kit with 640 Watt Solar Panel & Charge Controller

NOTE: This kit does not include the wire for connecting the charge controller to your batteries. There are too many variables involved with each system and we cannot simply guess as to the length and wire size you will need. If you would like to choose your own wire for this kit, take a look at our wiring and cable section. You will also need some type of wire terminals to connect the wire to your batteries. If you are unsure about the wire length, wire size, or type of wire you need, please email us or give us a call (800-383-0195). One of our design specialists will be happy to help you select the proper wire.

This system is custom designed by Northern Arizona Wind and Sun using the newest available equipment. The kit is perfect for small 12 volt battery systems, RV and marine applications. It comes with almost everything you need to complete the installation. If you have a small 12 volt battery system in a van, RV, boat or cabin that you would like to supplement the charging with solar, this kit is perfect. It comes with four Kyocera 265 Watt polycrystalline solar modules, panel mounts, four 50 foot MC4 extender cables (25 foot after you cut it in half), MNPV6 combiner box and breaker enclosure, four 12A breakers, one 50A breaker, and one 150A breaker. You get the option to choose which charge controller you prefer. All the charge controller options are MPPT type, which are more advanced and efficient than the standard PWM type controllers. Technically, a PWM controller could work with this system, but we highly recommend an MPPT controller because the KU265-6MCA is a 60 cell module. That means it doesn't have a standard 12 Volts rating. The MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology will maximize the amount of energy you can collect from the solar panel and adjust the panel voltage for proper 12 Volt battery charging.

Main Kit Components

  • Four Kyocera KU265-6MCA solar modules
  • Four 50ft MC4 extender cables rated for 1,000 VDC
  • Four MNSR-1000 Heyco strain relief connector with locknut
  • Two SLCBL-51 white ABS cable glands
  • One MNPV6 combiner box and circuit breaker enclosure
  • Four MNEPV-12 12A circuit breakers
  • One MNEPV-50 50A circuit breaker
  • One 187150F-04-1 MRCB 150A circuit breaker
  • One PV-MS MC4 connector unlocking tool
  • One 24597K 1" cordgrip connector and locknut
  • Four Z-Bracket-Kit solar panel mounts (set of 16 brackets)
  • One 1" Romex connector (this item will not show up in your shopping cart, but it's included in the kit)
  • Two reducing washers for 1.25" to 1.0" (this item will not show up in your shopping cart, but it's included in the kit)
  • A wiring diagram will be provided with the kit

Charge Controller Options

  1. MidNIte Solar Classic150-SL MPPT solar charge controller.
  2. Magnum Energy PT-100 MPPT solar charge controller.

Optional Accessories

  1. MidNite Solar MNBTS battery temperature sensor.

Warranty Information:

  • Kyocera KU265-6MCA: 10 year limited warranty on material and workmanship; 25 year limited warranty on power output.
  • MidNite Solar charge controller: 5 year warranty.
  • Magnum Energy charge controller: 5 year warranty.

Note: Every solar system installation is different. While this kit contains all the essential components, you will have to provide some of your own materials. For example, you may want to purchase some wire nuts for splicing wire (you may or may not need to splice wire depending upon your installation).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Bundle Pre-Configured Price $1,173.51

Kyocera KU265 Specifications

MidNite Classic SL Brochure & Specifications

MidNite Classic SL User Manual

Magnum PT-100 Specifications

Magnum PT-100 Manual

MNPV6 Specifications

MNPV6 Installation Manual

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