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Samlex EVO-2212 2,200 Watt 12 Volts DC Inverter & Charger with Transfer Switch

Samlex EVO-2212 2,200 Watt 12 Volts DC Inverter & Charger with Transfer Switch
SKU: EVO-2212


Samlex 2,200 Watt 12 Volts DC Inverter & Charger with Auto Transfer Switch

The Samlex America EVO-2212 inverter is a 100% pure sine wave inverter designed for off-grid, RV, and marine applications. It has a built in battery charger for days when your solar or wind power can't offset your energy usage. Simply connect an AC generator or shore power to the inverter and it will fully charge your batteries. The unit also comes with a built in automatic transfer switch. The switch can be configured for both inverter to grid/generator, or grid/generator to inverter. This allows you to use the inverter as your main source of power or a backup source of power. The EVO-2212 has a peak efficiency of 90% and a no-load power consumption of 30 Watts in normal mode, and less than 8 Watts in power save mode. The unit allows you to connect a charge controller directly to the inverter instead of running a separate circuit to your batteries for charging. The active power boost will allow the inverter to surpass its continuous power output without triggering an overload fault error. It's capable of 150% output for 5 seconds, 140% for 30 seconds, 120% for 5 minutes, and 110% for 30 minutes. This is in addition to the inverter's surge capability. Five separate temperature sensors control two internal fans for cooling. The inverter is both UL and ETL listed and comes with a two year limited warranty.


Model EVO-2212
AC Output
120 Volts at 60 Hz
DC Input
>9 - 17 Volts
Continuous AC Output Current 18 Amps
Continuous Power Output
2,200 Volt-Amps (VA)
Max Continuous DC Input Current
266 Amps
Inverter Efficiency
Power Factor
> 0.95
Max Charging Current
50 Amps
Weight 59 Pounds
Dimensions (W x D x H)
12.79" x 16.77" x 8.15"
Warranty 2 Years
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU EVO-2212
Bundle Pre-Configured Price No

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