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Samlex SDC-23 24 Volts to 12 Volts DC Converter, 23 Amps

Samlex SDC-23 24 Volts to 12 Volts DC Converter, 23 Amps


Samlex SCD-23 24 Volts to 12 Volts DC Converter at 23 Amps

NOTE: This unit is rated for 20 Amps continuous output and 23 Amps peak output.

Samlex SDC-23 non-isolated DC to DC converter, 24 volts DC to 12 volts DC. This is used where you have a 24 volt DC battery system but need to run equipment, such as DC lights, marine radio, AM/FM radio, or other devices that require 12 volts DC. This avoids "tapping" a 24 volt battery system which can lead to uneven battery charging and early battery failure due to unbalanced charging. To minimize the voltage drop to 2% on the output, use #8 AWG wire at a maximum length of 8 feet. Use #10 AWG multi-strand wire on the input. If you will be powering voltage sensitive devices with minimal tolerance, you will want to use the largest size wire that's suitable for the situation. As the wire gets larger, the voltage drop decreases. Be sure to read the installation instructions and follow the fuse guidelines. You will need fuse protection on both the input and the output positive wires. Bussmann automotive type fuses (ATC or ATM) will work fine. Use a 32V, 15A fuse on the 24 Volt input and a 32V, 20A on the output.


  • Input voltage: 20 - 35 Volts DC
  • Output voltage: 13.8 Volts DC (+/- 0.1 V)
  • Input current at no load: <150 mA
  • Maximum continuous output current: 20 Amps
  • Peak output current: 23 Amps
  • Efficiency: 88%
  • Built in protections: overload, over heating, reverse polarity, over voltage
  • Dimensions: 2.4" x 7.8" x 4.8"
  • Weight: 2.0 lb

2 year warranty.

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Additional Information

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