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Samlex SRV-150-30A 150 Watt Solar Charging Kit for 12 Volts DC

Samlex SRV-150-30A 150 Watt Solar Charging Kit for 12 Volts DC
SKU: SRV-150-30A


Samlex America 150 Watt Solar Charging Kit with 30 Amp Charge Controller for 12 Volts DC

The Samlex America SRV-150-30A solar charging kit comes with almost everything you need to charge a 12 Volt battery system. The kit includes a 150 Watt Polycrystalline solar panel rated for 12 Volts DC, a 30 Amp PWM solar charge controller, male and female MC4 latching connector cables, and a set of mounting brackets with hardware for fastening them to the solar panel and the mounting surface, such as the roof of an RV. The solar charge controller is rated for a maximum of 30 Amps, which means you can add an additional solar panel without having to purchase a new controller. You will need to install a 15 Amp fuse on the positive wire from the battery to the charge controller. You can use a basic automotive type fuse or a 15 Amp circuit breaker. The user manual includes wiring diagrams and assembly and charging instructions. This kit is perfect for RV's, boats, campers, and any other small 12 Volt battery charging system.


    • Nominal maximum power: 150 Watts
    • Maximum power voltage (Vmp): 18.38 Volts
    • Maximum power current (Imp): 8.16 Amps
    • Open circuit voltage (Voc): 22.68 Volts
    • Short circuit current (Isc): 8.82 Amps
    • Cell type: Polycrystalline
    • Panel dimensions: 26 x 58.03 x 1.39 inches

Warranty Information:

    • 150 Watt solar panel: 5 year product workmanship warranty, 12 year 90% power output warranty, 25 year 80% power output warranty
    • SCC-30AB solar charge controller: 5 years
    • Wiring: 5 years
    • Mounting hardware: 5 years
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU SRV-150-30A
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Samlex SRV-150-30A Kit Specifications

Samlex SRV-150-30A Kit Manual

Samlex SCC-30AB Charge Controller Specifications

Samlex SCC-30AB Charge Controller Manual