Sun Pumps SDS-Q-130 Submersible Pump

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Sun Pumps SDS-Q-130 Solar Submersible Pump

NOTE: The maximum installation depth for this pump is 50 feet below the water surface.

Note: The outside diameter of this pump is 4.5 inches. It is suitable for wells with a 5 inch diameter or larger.

SunPumps SDS-Q series submersible pumps are one of the most highest quality, low votage DC pumps on the market. They were introduced to the solar industry in 1990 and have an excellent performance record. The SDS series pumps are easy to install by hand without any special equipment. The pump includes a double shrink splice kit and a 3/4" brass discharge fitting. The SDS-Q-130 is a 3.5 to 4 GPM pump with a 100' maximum head.

1 year warranty

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