SimpliPhi BG-1200-12 Big Genny 1200 Watts Emergency Power Kit

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Big Genny Emergency Power Kit

The Big Genny Emergency Power Kit is a portable, rechargeable battery-powered generator of AC power. It stores electricity from any power source – grid, solar, wind – when access to AC power is not available, such as power outages and emergencies. It is a silent, non-toxic, cobalt-free, power supply that can be used anytime, anywhere to charge cell phones, tablets, laptops, fans, small appliances, and many other types of portable equipment for years of reliable use.


  • AC power for lights, chargers, computers, blenders, aquarium pumps, water purifiers, power tools and more
  • 5 Volt USB port for cell phones and tablets
  • Fits under a desk, in the car, bus or train
  • Heavy-duty wheels and collapsible handle, sealed weather-resistant case
  • Can be recharged thousands of times
  • Safe, maintenance-free and eco-friendly


  • Enclosure Dimensions(LxWxH): 22" x 14" x 9"
  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Battery Amp-hours: 97 Ah
  • Battery rated Watt-hour Capacity: 1240 Watt-hours
  • Continuous Inverter Output Rating: 1,000 watts
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ferro Phosphate(LFP)
  • AC output rating: 115 volts AC +/-5%/ 12.5 Amps +/-5%
  • USB Output Sockets: 5 volts DC Max/ 2.1 Amps DC
  • AC Output Sockets: 2 x North American Standard Outlets
  • Solar Array: 200 watts(combined, for the entire array)
  • UN3480, Lithium Ion batteries, 9, II
  • UL and CE listed, UN/DOT and RoHS compliant components
  • Solar Array Folded Dimensions(LxWxD): 21.1" x 28.7" x 0.9"
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