SimpliPHI ET-GWY-10 EnergyTrak Control System

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SimpliPHI EnergyTrak Control System

Provides advanced system monitoring through a sophisticated mobile app for smartphones or tablets, delivering real-time status and updates with intuitive control over the entire SimpliPHI Energy Storage System.


  • Simple, Smart and Reliable - EnergyTrak offers an ever-improving platform to maximize value over the life of the system
  • Streamlined - 5-step commissioning for fast, frustration-free setup from a mobile device
  • Fleet Management - Visibility into customer installations to maximize system uptime
  • Remote Re-configuration - Minimizes the need for site visits on commissioned systems
  • Over-the-Air Updates - Automatically ensures systems and apps are secure and code-compliant with the latest features
  • Connectivity - Wi-Fi, ethernet, and Bluetooth for simple, dynamic communication
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