Off-Grid & Grid-Tie 5940 Watt Solar Kit With 5000 Watt 48VDC Inverter & Sealed AGM Battery

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Items Quantity Price
REC Solar N-PEAK Series 330 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Module X18 $230.00
100 Foot #10 AWG MC4 Extender Cable Male/Female Rated for 1000 Volts DC X2 $93.89
OutBack Power OBFRS-01 FireRaptor Rapid Shutdown Unit X18 $69.95
OutBack Power OBFRS-ESW1 FireRaptor Shutdow Switch for Outback OBFRS-01 X1 $142.39
OutBack Power SBX5048-120/240 SkyBox 5,000 Watts True Hybrid Energy System X1 $3,691.27
Inverter Cables Red/Black Pair, #2/0 AWG, 10 Foot UL Listed MTW X1 $198.20
Battery Interconnect Cable #2/0 AWG x 12" MTW Rated UL Listed in Black X7 $19.40
Centennial CB6-400 6V 416Ah Sealed VRLA AGM Deep Cycle Battery X8 $618.00
FB-200T 200 Amp Fuse with Holder & Bolt Terminals X1 $47.25
Outback Power OBFRS-SIGCAB1.8-F 70" Signal Cable X1 $6.51

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