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SMA Multicluster Box for Sunny Island Inverters

SMA Multicluster Box for Sunny Island Inverters


SMA Multicluster Box MC-12U for Sunny Island Inverters

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The Multicluster Box for the Sunny Island 4548-US and 6048-US is the ideal solution for the easy installation of off-grid systems up to 100 kW. Two to four three-phase clusters, each with three Sunny Islands, can be connected in parallel. The Multicluster Box is pre-wired for operation and equipped with a main connection for PV or wind energy systems. The communication cables necessary for installation are also included.


  • Integrated AC distribution for Sunny Island, generator and PV systems
  • Can accommodate various generator, PV, and load sizes
  • For systems up to 100kW


  • Load shedding, Sunny Island and generator contactors and circuit breakers
  • Circuit breaker for PV system

Enhanced Safety

  • Reverse current monitoring
  • Simple emergency operation of the generator
Additional Information

Additional Information

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SMA Multicluster Box Specifications

SMA Multicluster Box Installation Manual