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SMA MG-XT1E Multigate Box for Maximum of 12 Microinverters

SMA MG-XT1E Multigate Box for Maximum of 12 Microinverters


SMA Multigate Box XT1E-US-10 for SB240 Microinverters

The Multigate XT Box is what houses the SMA Multigate unit and connects the string of inverters to the utility grid. Up to twelve SB240 microinverters can be connected to a single Multigate unit. The enclosure is outdoor rated which gives you more flexibility for mounting locations. The Multigate XT box also allows the user to connect the Multigate to the internet using a standard Ethernet cable to your router. The Multigate XT is designed for split-phase operation only.

The XT1E-US-10 enclosure model comes with a single Sunny Multigate unit and a 2-pole output circuit breaker, enclosure wall mount kit, one connection terminal for the inverter home run, installation manual, and labels. The RJ-45 Ethernet connection is located on the Sunny Multigate unit.

Dimensions: 15.5"L x 13.3"W x 7.6"D
Weight: 12 pounds

10 year warranty

Additional Information

Additional Information

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SMA Sunny Multigate SpecificationsSMA Sunny Multigate Specifications

SMA SB 240-US-10 and Multigate Installation ManualSMA SB 240-US-10 and Multigate Installation Manual

SMA Multigate Installation ManualSMA Multigate Installation Manual