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SMA Sunny Boy SB240 Microinverter for Grid-tie Solar Systems

SMA Sunny Boy SB240 Microinverter for Grid-tie Solar Systems


SMA SB 240-US-10 Microinverter

The SMA SB240 microinverter gives you options not seen with traditional grid-tie inverter systems. Every solar module has its own individual inverter which means you don't have to make a very large investment from the start. It's possible to have a complete grid-tie system using only a single 60 cell solar module. This allows you to start small and grow your system over time. Microinverters also work well for areas with periodic shading. Normally, when a module in your solar panel array is shaded, it shuts down the entire string. This prevents your system from producing the maximum amount of energy. When modules become shaded on a microinverter system, only the affected modules stop producing their full power. All the other modules in the string will continue to produce power, as long as they are receiving sunlight.

The SB240 is compatible with 60 cell solar modules with a peak power of 300 watts at standard test conditions (STC). It can accept a voltage range between 26 and 32 VDC MPP. This means the SB240 works with one of the most diverse ranges of solar modules on the market. With a maximum of twelve microinverters per string, a single string system can produce up to 2,880 VA AC of apparent power. Each string of microinverters will feed into a single Multigate unit, which feeds the power to the utility grid. Using the free Sunny Portal website, you can monitor your system's power output from anywhere with an internet connection. This can also be done with free smartphone apps from SMA for both iPhone and Android devices.


  • Solar Module Compatibility
    • Peak module power @ STC: 300 Watts
    • PV module MPP voltage range @ STC: 26 - 32 VDC
    • PV module max. short circuit current (Isc) @ STC: 12 Amps
  • Input (DC)
    • Max. input voltage: 45 VDC
    • MPP voltage range / rated input voltage: 23 - 39 VDC / 29.5 VDC
    • Max. input current: 8.5 Amps
  • Output (AC)
    • Rated power @ 240 Volts AC, 60 Hz: 240 Watts
    • Max. apparent AC power: 240 VA
    • AC power frequency / range: 60 Hz / 59.3 - 60.5 Hz
    • Max. output current: 1 Amp
    • Power factor at rated power: 1
    • Feed-in phases / connection phases: 2 / 2 x 120 V split phase
  • General Data
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 7.4" x 8.6" x 1.7"
    • Weight: 2.9 lbs.
    • Degree of protection: NEMA 4X

10 year warranty

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Watch the following video to see how easy it is to install the SMA Microinverter System