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SMA Speedwire Webconnect Piggyback Card

SMA Speedwire Webconnect Piggyback Card


SMA Speedwire Webconnect Piggyback Card

NOTE: If you order this item from the website, please include the serial number for the inverter you own. You can enter the serial number as a note when you check out. We need it when we order the card because SMA manufactures different versions of the card for different model inverters. If you are unsure of your serial number or which card you need, please email us or give us a call.

The Speedwire/Webconnect Piggy-Back is a Speedwire communication interface with Webconnect function for inverters. Speedwire is a wire-based type of communication based on the Ethernet standard and thecommunication protocol SMA Data2+. This enables inverter-optimized 10/100 Mbit datatransmission between Speedwire devices in PV plants.The Webconnect function enables direct data transmission between the inverters of a small-scale plant and the Internet portal Sunny Portal without any additional communication device and for a maximum of four inverters per Sunny Portal plant. For this, a Speedwire/Webconnect Piggy-Back must be installed in each of the inverters. You can access your Sunny Portal plant from any computer with an Internet connection.

Supported Inverter Models:

Sunny Boy Inverter Model From Firmware Version
SB 5000US 1.12
SB 6000US
SB 7000US
SB 8000US
SB 6000TLUS-10 1.12
SB 7000TLUS-10
SB 8000TLUS-10
SB 9000TLUS-10
SB 10000TLUS-10
SB 5000US-11 1.22
SB 6000US-11
SB 7000US-11
SB 8000US-11
SB 3000US-12 3.04
SB 3800US-12
SB 4000US-12
SB 5000US-12 2.00
SB 6000US-12
SB 7000US-12
SB 8000US-12
SB 6000TLUS-12 1.93
SB 7000TLUS-12
SB 8000TLUS-12
SB 9000TLUS-12
SB 10000TLUS-12
SB 11000TLUS-12
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Additional Information

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SMA SWPB-10 Manual and Specifications

SMA Webconnect Specifications