Iota IQ: Plugin Controllers for Iota DLS Series Chargers

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NOTE: Iota has informed us the IQ-GEL and IQ-40-HOUR controllers are discontinued. We have limited stock available before these models are gone for good.

NOTE: The IQ Controllers are designed to work with the DLS 12V and 24V chargers. Please email us or give us a call if you have any questions.

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Iota Engineering IQ Battery Charger Modules

NOTE: The IQ units are designed for use with the Iota Engineering DLS series converter/chargers.

NOTE: Some of the DLS battery chargers we sell come with an IQ4 pre-installed. If you ordered one of those you can NOT use the plug-in IQ units.

Which model do I need? - The standard IQ4 is for all chargers that will be used as a single unit. The IQ-PARALLEL is a special one for using TWO DLS chargers in parallel on a single battery bank to keep them charging evenly. The IQ Controller allows the DLS charger to operate as an automatic "smart charger". This gives the customer the benefit of Bulk, Absorption, and Float stage charging, increasing the charging capacity of the DLS charger and decreasing charge times and insuring proper and safe battery charging. In addition, The IQ4 insures proper battery charging while minimizing over-charging. This "smarter" technology monitors the battery at all times. If the DLS voltage remains in the long term float stage more than 7 days, the IQ4 will automatically deliver an equalization charge for a predetermined time, then automatically return to the normal float stage.

IQ4 - Great for Storing Your Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

The traditional IQ4 Smart Charge Controller delivers 4 basic charging functions: BULK, ABSORPTION, and FLOAT, and a seven-day MAINTENANCE cycle. The IQ4 is an excellent way to maintain your stored flooded lead acid batteries, such as in an RV that is parked for extended periods of time.

IQ-TURBO - Rapid Charging for Continually-Cycled Batteries

The IQ-Turbo delivers a powerful yet controlled BULK charge to help charge batteries in minimal time. Perfect for batteries that are used frequently but have limited time for re-charging from a generator, solar panel system, or other auxiliary supply.

IQ-EQUALIZER - On-Demand Bulk Charging

The IQ-Equalizer is a useful charge control tool that initiates a constant current BULK charge to your flooded lead acid battery, ensuring that all cells receive an adequate, complete charge in an abbreviated timespan. After a predetermined period, the IQ-Equalizer drops into a trickle charge until re-inserted for additional equalization.

IQ-LIFEPO - For Lithium-Iron Batteries with BMS

The IQ-LIFEPO is tailored for use with today’s state-of-the-art LiFePO4 batteries that use a Battery Management System. The IQ-LIFEPO allows the DLS to deliver proper voltage to charge the larger 4-cell design of the battery and remains in a stand-by trickle mode ready to deliver a fresh BULK charge when needed.

IQ-GEL - Confident Charging for Gel Batteries

The IQ-GEL features an extended BULK stage but with a slightly decreased voltage that is just right for Gel lead-acid batteries. After a period of seven days, the IQ-GEL will initiate the standard Maintenance cycle to ensure the battery remains in peak charged status.

IQ-AGM - Tailored Absorption Charging for AGM Batteries

The IQ-AGM provides preferred charging for AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries by skipping the Bulk cycle and holding the battery at an optimized ABSORPTION stage before reverting to the FLOAT stage.

IQ-40-HOUR - Extended Bulk Charging for Larger Systems

For lead-acid battery banks with increased Amp-Hour ratings, the IQ-40-Hour delivers an extended Bulk charge duration to service the larger capacity before reverting to standard ABSORPTION, FLOAT, and MAINTENANCE modes.

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